Fat Ass – We Have Come for your Mothers – Review

Fat Ass

We Have Come for your Mothers (Diaphragm)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Let’s crank this through the rumor mill… Fat Ass was originally called Kick Ass until a divinely misguided 46-year-old pressman at the CD plant took matters into his own hands. He felt that the name infringed on his defunct hair band Kik Azz (a Kik Tracee tribute). And while the name was fitting, he felt they lacked the VO5 and searing fuckface guitar to warrant the moniker.

With all the testosterone of Motörhead, Fat Ass explores that road between muscle car metal and thrash. Sleazy Stooge romps like “Rub One Out” and “Lonesome” cohabitate with the humor of Suicidal Tendencies. “Someone Stole My Laundry” is a brilliant piece of slobbering wonder from a time when punk wasn’t so goddamn serious. Angry Samoans, Surf Punks, et al. Skinny Jay lays out cooler-than-you basslines like a well-tuned 402, while guitarist Eric Fromindiana mirrors him until the road forks. The tempo changes, but the energy is consistent.

This white-trash celebration has a Southern touch that’d play as well with Kings of Leon as GC5. It’s stupid and clever and garagey and polished and made purely for the boys, but damned if chicks don’t dig that.
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