Alice Donut – Three Sisters – Review

alicedonut200Alice Donut

Three Sisters (Howler)
by Ewan Wadharmi

Round about 1990 there was a lot of talk about organizing a tour featuring Alice Donut, Mary’s Danish, and Breakfast With Amy. Negotiations fell through when our attentions went the way of Road Rash on Sega Genesis, and the “Good Morning Sweetie” idea never reached the proposal stage. I’m sure the bands would’ve gone for it in a big big way. With the exception of bassist Sissi Schulmeister, the lineup remains the same as those mind-expanding days when “Lisa’s Father” added several catch phrases to our repertoire.

alicedonutphotoNearly gone, however, is the hardcore element that drove the psychedelic experiment into our path. Three Sisters has that deep pelvic-grabbing groove propelled by Stephen Moses’ signature inventive smash-and-grab drumming. Dirty, dirty metal riffs flirt with the funky rhythms. It’s a rollercoaster ride where once you pull yourself to your seat, there’s no turning back. And it makes you feel all tingly in the nether regions. The acidic bite has been toned down for a subtler lyrical approach. Singer Thomas Antona takes the oddball thought-inspired predictions of “Farmers Almanac” and explodes it into a fleshed-out idea complete with back story. “Helsinki” is a cryptic bombast of Beastie Boys pseudo-rap. The intriguing “Mister Pinkus” proclaims “I want a human face/a normal human’s human face/a face to make my mother weep/get that thing away from me/it’s enormous and it’s scaring me/and I hear that it’s been killing off the sheep.” While the picturesque “Kcick” (that’s not a typo) takes a very creepy Bauhaus turn. Antona’s nasal emissions are annoying at times, but it allows mainstream comparisons to Jane’s Addiction with a sense of humor. Or if you prefer, a thinking man’s Primus. But most accurate is a groovier Minutemen. If it’s smart enough to mention Buckminister Fuller, oh, we’re in the soup now!