The Pale – Gravity Gets Things Done – Review

The Pale

Gravity Gets Things Done (SideCho)
by Lauren Bussard

You know those CDs you can only enjoy when you’re feeling a certain way (i.e. happy-go-lucky or depressed)? And they’re really, really annoying if you hear them and you’re in a different mood? That’s how I feel about Gravity Gets Things Done.

I listened to it a few days ago and thought it was absolutely adorable in a Ben Kweller/Ben Folds singer/songwriter kind of way. It seems The Pale started as the brainchild of cousins Gabe Archer and Cameron Nicklaus, and since 1994, they’ve been writing and recording melodic power-pop that has brains and brawn. I respect this musical endeavor, and if it was a sunny, breezy, lazy day, I’d still love this CD. But today the sky is pouring wet snow and I’m late for work, so right now I just don’t have the patience for sweet pop-rock orchestration. (Important side note: The third song, “How to Fit In,” rocks with a twangy beat that’s good for all moods, even a grumpy one).
(1215 N. Red Gum St #L Anaheim, CA 92806)