Corkskrew – Mircromania – Review


Mircromania (Fretbuzz Ltd.)
by Wa

From the sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Malta comes the band Corkskrew and their debut electro-pop release Micromania. Released originally on New Year’s Day 2002, the album has just now begun to reach beyond the boundaries of Malta and Europe.

Uniquely individual, unlike anything I’ve heard in a long while, they blend exquisite flavors of Blondie, Garbage, and Paul Oakenfold that form a fresh interpretation of alt-influenced electro rock that’s dreamy, sultry, and sexy.


Kick-started with the epic female empowerment single “Never,” Micromania doesn’t fail to provide the goods with further engaging songs “Another Day,” “Superstar,” “Spyro Gyra,” “13,” and “One in a Million.”

Siren Diane Micallef’s vocals are poignant and filled with wonderfully imaginative subtext backed by a very proficient rhythm section that carefully balances a sense of edginess with accessibility that showcases the airiness and brightness of Micallef’s sophisticated lyrics. For a nice surprise, listen carefully for the bonus hidden track.

Micromania did such a spot-on job magnifying the emotions of innocence, hope, and longing that it left me with a lump in my throat.