Outlie – Companions to Devils and Saints – Review


Companions to Devils and Saints (Porterhouse)
by Ewan Wadharmi

At first I thought there was a vocoder in use, but it’s just that Luke Pabich does some very odd things with his voice. The open-mouthed delivery plays tricks with the mic, rounding of the ends of phrases. The intonations switch unconsciously from lazy New Yorker to sleepy-eyed surfer over to veddy fake British. Fans of Good Riddance should not go in expecting a similar hardcore sound, as Outlie is a rock band through and through. Not a rock and roll all night band, mind you, but a brooding feel like Sponge or Bush.

Driven by power chords and the top notch rhythm section of drummer Sean Sellers (also of Good Riddance) and bassist Jesse Darling (Lonely Kings), Pabich soars his anthems like an air patrol on a mission. There’s a vague resemblance to Naked Raygun particularly when the rhythm breathes before kicking into overdrive. Sensible vocal harmonies weave through tunes like “Soundproof,” scratching an itch you didn’t know was there. It sure isn’t punk by any means, but an interesting outing showcasing a voice that’s been under wraps far too long.
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