The Notorious MSG – Review

The Notorious MSG

by Chad Van Wagner

I don’t really watch TV, but I keep it on for visual noise while I’m doing housework-type stuff. I usually end up on the International Channel because, let’s face it, foreigners are usually more interesting than Americans.

This habit of mine yielded some pretty damned odd fruit one day, when I happened to glance at the screen and saw a Chinese woman in her early 20s. Just below her face was possibly the oddest subtitle I’ve ever seen: “Some people think I can’t rap, just because I’m Chinese.”

Um… yeah. Nothing personal, but I don’t think suburban white kids can rap, and they’re at least from the relevant hemisphere. Fortunately, I didn’t have to reply to this person, because I would have no idea exactly how to deal with her statement. Not until I saw the end of the program, the theme song by the Notorious MSG.

The Notorious MSG are three Chinese gangstas who rap about Green Cards, take-out restaurants, and “bittez.” Yeah, OK, they’re kidding, but damned if they don’t come off a lot more reputable (although not more entertaining) than your average group of Icy Hot Stuntaz (see the other review). There’re videos, remixes, and a plethora of Flash animations telling you precisely how the MSG rule your lumpy white ass.

OK, maybe the joke band thing hit its zenith with Spinal Tap (or Tenacious D, or even Chunky A.), but damn if this isn’t one entertaining stroll through the patently absurd. Word to Confucius.