Culture Shock: Pig Farts – Column

July 20, 2007

It’s easy to slip into arrogant mockery when surrounded by the unfamiliar, particularly when as wide-eyed and bushy-tailed as Japanese Culture.

The Museum of Bad Art – Review

May 11, 2007

Once upon a time, the dividing lines between “good” and “bad” were clearer, and reveling in “bad” art was a pretty amusing thing.

Touch Me In The Morning – Review

April 6, 2007

No one can legitimately call this “boring.” “Foul and unwatchable,” maybe, but not boring. Castration, shitting, and old man cock just do not a dull film make.

Lollilove – Review

April 6, 2007

Like… The Office. Interesting, that one of the stars/writers of this film is Jenna Fischer, the receptionist. Brave, embarrassing, and smart-ass as all hell.

Pulse – Review

August 11, 2006

Blood, guts, and goofiness get the attention (Ichi The Killer, Audition, Versus) but Kurosawa’s recent work is more akin to Andrei Tarkovsky than Sam Raimi.

Howl’s Moving Castle – Review

July 28, 2006

Hayao Miyazaki’s latest, Howl’s Moving Castle, is another mind-boggling adventure in the “kid’s movie the way they really should be made” mold.

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