100 Demons – Review

100demons200100 Demons

(Deathwish Inc.)
by Adrian Bromley

I’ve been waiting a long time for this album, as I’m sure many fans of the band have. It’s good to see an album by this Connecticut hardcore act finally surface after a few years between releases (inner band turmoil, member changes, etc.). So, was the wait worth it? For the most part, yes. My problem with this record is that while the fierceness and intensity of the band are still alive and well (check out tracks “Destiny Never Came” and “His Father’s Son”), the band’s style has changed. A lot more groove and melody has been injected into the music, and when put up against some of the real intense numbers, those moments weaken the attack. Perhaps they need a few months to get back in sync? Whatever the case, 100 Demons are back and no doubt the moshpits will be on fire once again.