Apocalyptica – Reflections – Review


Reflections (Nuclear Blast)
by Scott Hefflon

Always loved the concept (metal with cellos), always kinda let down by the CDs. In ’96, they covered Metallica tunes on cellos, and maybe we’re all waiting for them to do something that significant again. Sure, the idea of Dead Can Dance gone metal sends shivers down yer spine, but ya really only need one Dead Can Dance CD, one Enigma CD, well, maybe you better get a few Rasputina CDs, and where do you go from there? Therion, maybe? A couple of his albums stay in my favorites stack, the rest were rotated out after a year or so. I’d pick Therion over this any day, but that’s just me, having listened to probably 75,000-100,000 CDs in the last 15 years, what do I know?