Billy Idol – Devil’s Playground – Review

billyidol200Billy Idol

Devil’s Playground (Sanctuary)
by Scott Hefflon

Amazingly, Billy Idol is still on top of his game. I got his first solo album when it first came out, and dug back to find the older Generation X stuff and live bootlegs of “Dancing with Myself” to see where it came from, before becoming a mainstream staple. I even have Vital Idol. And I liked him in The Doors, The Wedding Singer, and the underrated gem, Trigger Happy (called Mad Dog Time sometimes, I think). With a voice this smooth, it’s no surprise he goes Vegas crooner, but he’s still got the rock, and guitarist Steve Stevens still has the chops. Kinda creepy that 20 and 30s somethings will get goosepimples all over again hearing Billy, and that pimply-faced teen girls can get wet all over again, and Billy’s old enough to be their fuckin’ dad.