Further Seems – Forever Hide Nothing – Review

furtherseemsforever200Further Seems Forever

Hide Nothing (Tooth & Nail)
by Lauren Bussard

Even though I thought Further Seems Forever‘s last album, How to Start a Fire, was pretty annoying in that earsplitting, screeching/screamo sort of way, their third and newest release, Hide Nothing, showcases the beautiful and delicate melodies that were so apparent on their first album, and so glaringly absent on their second. I’m pretty sure this change is due almost entirely to the departure of former vocalist Jason Gleason (he left the band after only working on the second album, due to differences within the group) and the entrance of new singer Jon Bunch, whose voice is much more similar to that of original vocalist Chris Carrabba. Both sing with a frailty and passion that’s much more elegant and much less aggressive than Gleason’s. This change is definitely an improvement.

My favorites on the album are the title track, “Hide Nothing,” and the slower but more intense “Already Gone.” “Bleed” is also pretty good, but at times Bunch snarls in a way that reminds me of Canadian alt-rockers Nickelback. But I don’t mean that in a bad way.