Bon Voyage – The Right Amount – Review

Bon Voyage

The Right Amount (Tooth & Nail)
by Tim Den

Starflyer 59 mainman Jason Martin – with wife Julie and brother (Joy Electric mainman) Ronnie at his side – brings us Bon Voyage‘s second full-length. It doesn’t get much poppier than a Martin family gathering. Imagine New Order backing Frente!, but with a less accurate singer (sorry Julie), and you’ll have The Right Amount. Putting this record on feels so good, you almost feel like a kid again in its presence. Carefree, happy, dreamy… not a strand of reality’s burden in sight. As cheesy as that sounds, it really is a dazzling effect. Remember all those afternoons in high school playing hooky and day-dreaming under the bridge? Do it all again by listening to this record.
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