The Deadly – The Wolves are Here Again – Review

thedeadly200The Deadly

The Wolves are Here Again (Pluto)
by Scott Hefflon

Texas’ Pluto Records are another label I’ve been trying to get to put their best bands on the mp3 CD so people other than “hardcore, hardcore, and more hardcore” music fans can hear them. The Deadly are a good example. From Philly, a couple ex-members of Turmoil (who were hardcore, but more interesting than most), a dense, noisy sound, and while it sometimes sinks to “just more metalcore” bluster, there are many distinct moments of tantrum rock, slathered with hardcore distortion. Jesus Lizard is the name people’ll drop, but Murder City Devils without the keyboards and subtlety might sneak a little closer. Beneath the howl and production, there’s melody, anxiety, and rockin’. That’s when this band is at it’s best. Get ’em on the mp3 CD if at all possible, they should be heard.