The Warriors – War Is Hell – Review

thewarriors200The Warriors

War Is Hell (Eulogy)
by Daniel Lukes

“There’s no salvation for a world gone mad, upon which the Warriors wage war” says Californian quintet The Warriors‘ bio. And if war is Hell, as testified by the deluge of photographic evidence from the atrocities in Iraq, then it’s a Hell this great country is happy to inflict on anyone but itself. As follows, The Warriors’ music is very much music for our times: Gritty, nasty, and uncompromising metal-tinged hardcore with nary an opening for melody or hope anywhere in sight. Breakdowns, lots of yelling, and brutality aplenty, which should go down a storm with anyone who counts Terror, Earth Crisis, or Sick Of It All amongst those who make up the musical language they think in. If you thought the days of mid-‘90s Victory Records-style metalcore were over, think again.

And while it’s heartwarming to note that the heartache-obsessed screamo generation haven’t polluted everything in sight, you still hanker for something new or different once in a while, which is where War Is Hell falls short. In other words, you’ve heard it all before. Which, in a world in which history repeats itself with alarming punctuality, is probably the point.