Electric Frankenstein – Super Kool – Review

electricfrankenstein200Electric Frankenstein

Super Kool (VMS)
by Craig Regala

The boys weigh in with a loooooong ass EP of six off their pen and a couple live redos indicating a continual aesthetic. Those covers being a heavy Sex Pistols tune (“Satellite”), and a jog through the rock ‘n’ roll side of Black Sabbath with “Never Say Die.” This sorta “hard-rock-kickass-derived-from-punkoid-getting’-it-on” is part and parcel of the Electric Frankenstein theory. Always was, always will be. This is the essence of someone who cares about somethin’, ya know?

EF take the two formative building blocks of their youth – roaring punk-rock and NWOBHM – and squash the good parts from both into the kinda thing a decent person’d wanna hear, like a Motörhead or Dead Boys record. So you get the tightly-wound bass/drums of punk-tastic logic and the guitar/melodic reach of garage metal/hard rock weaseled into the aforementioned structure. Cool, eh? Wait ’til you hear the tune “Teenage Shutdown” on that other record.

Ahem, the guff they penned plays bumper cars with all kinds of stuff I like: “My Distraction” cracking skulls with New Bomb Turks via an Aerosmith lift (! from “Combination”), “You Can’t Keep a Bad Man Down” writing a Supersuckers song for Zeke, and “Injected” rolling the Candy Snatchers through R.P.-fucking-Yee-Haw!-G. Shit, it’s a continual black leather rock ‘n’ roll beatdown sliced into three minute chunks. Yer either in or out, that’s it. Just don’t fuck with other folks’ walkin’ through the door, they might need it to make it through the day.