The Quireboys – Well Oiled – Review

thequireboys200The Quireboys

Well Oiled (SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

Damn, haven’t heard this name in 15 years. Formerly the London Quireboys, they came out at the end of the ’80s, I think, when glam was dying loudly. They were actually bluesy, not glam who’d thought they’d get laughed at less if they claimed they were blues-based. Kinda like Cinderella, who were a lot better than their fashion sense made them appear. The singer had a distinctive voice, but so did the guy from Bang Tango (and Spread Eagle, who I always thought coulda gone places), and look how his comeback, Beautiful Creatures, tanked. This guy always sounded like Rod Stewart, but until he teams up with Sting and Bryan Adam for Disney’s Three Musketeers 2, he’s either retired, or doing ballads for yuppies. Now? You’re making a comeback now? Good luck.