Ramesses – We Will Lead You to Glorious Times – Review


We Will Lead You to Glorious Times (This Dark Reign)
By Craig Regala

Half an hour of quality, murderous blackened grind-singed doom from this power trio. The band contains a couple guys from the masters of this sorta thing, Electric Wizard, and We Will Lead You to Glorious Times is four tracks from their first session remastered by Billy Anderson, who knows the livin’ shit outta this slice of hell.

Space-grind vs. sludge-doom? Or is that plus instead of vs.? Hmmm, hard to tell until they grace us with about an hour’s more of material to show a specific focus, or if the melange of ugly they birthed IS the aesthetic. Not like it couldn’t work out just fine, if so. As it is, parts remind me of bands I don’t think would necessarily get bandied about at the grind-doom water cooler. Heck, I hear Pelican, Nausea, Neurosis, Harvey Milk, Nightstick, and others in the mix. But hey, it’s a sonic language, and I’m kinda glad they bump uglies with those worthies. Videos for “Ramesses II” and “Master Your Demons” appear, and you’ll prolly like’m.