The Konks – Review

June 15, 2005

Three guys. Two guitars, two drums. Singing drummer. And a harmonica. Don’t forget that, it matters. Like a bubblegum version of The Cheater Slicks (no insult).

Entombed – Unreal Estate – Review

June 13, 2005

In 2002, much respected-metal veterans Entombed played as the pit orchestra for some kinda fuckin’ ballet. This is the CD document of that live extravaganza.

Big Teaze Toys – Review

June 13, 2005

Under the guise of waterproof vibrating massagers comes the Tickle-Popzzz (which makes it oh so much fun to say I’m a Lollipop Girl), and the S&M Bondage duck.

Dirty Book Art – Review

June 13, 2005

Say it with me: “dirty… book… art.” That’s what it is. A site devoted to the pre-Fabio supermarket pulp, and not stuff like Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

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