The Konks – Review

June 15, 2005

Three guys. Two guitars, two drums. Singing drummer. And a harmonica. Don’t forget that, it matters. Like a bubblegum version of The Cheater Slicks (no insult).

Entombed – Unreal Estate – Review

June 13, 2005

In 2002, much respected-metal veterans Entombed played as the pit orchestra for some kinda fuckin’ ballet. This is the CD document of that live extravaganza.

Big Teaze Toys – Review

June 13, 2005

Under the guise of waterproof vibrating massagers comes the Tickle-Popzzz (which makes it oh so much fun to say I’m a Lollipop Girl), and the S&M Bondage duck.

Dirty Book Art – Review

June 13, 2005

Say it with me: “dirty… book… art.” That’s what it is. A site devoted to the pre-Fabio supermarket pulp, and not stuff like Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

Mark Reusch Pendants – Review

June 13, 2005

Former Lollipop artist Mark Reusch (that’s Mister Reusch to you) hooks up a licensing deal with Salem-based Arcane Nonesuch to produce his paintings on jewelry.

Sesame Street – Review

June 13, 2005

We were stoked to get Sesame Street’s “Def Le Bird” tee shirt, Cookie Monster sox, and especially the Oscar the Grouch furry CD wallet.

Angra – Temple of Shadows – Review

June 13, 2005

Temple of Shadows might be sensory overload, but power metal fans everywhere will still find enough in it to love. Angra are one of the best in the genre.

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