Big Teaze Toys – Review

stuff-bigtease200Big Teaze Toys

by Sarah Katz

Under the guise of waterproof vibrating massagers comes the Big Teaze Toys’ line of playful pleasurables. There’s the Finding Nemo-esque Fishie, the Tickle-Popzzz (which makes it oh so much fun to say that I’m a Lollipop Girl), the variety of Rubber Duckies (the S&M Bondage duck is my personal favorite), and last but not least, the phallic Wormie. These ‘Toys That Play with You” can discretely sit on the edge of your tub and no one would know the difference. I prefer to hide mine in my nightstand draw, because god forbid someone see my Tickle Pop and picks it up to examine it. These toys really are fun though, and while I haven’t used them for the innocent (i.e. non-masturbatory) massaging that they claim to be for, I’m sure they’re good for that too.