Leaves’ Eyes – Vinland Saga – Review

leaveseyes200Leaves’ Eyes

Vinland Saga (Napalm)
By Scott Hefflon

One of the best Gothic metal bands out there. Sexy female vocals, chugging, monster guitars, the heavy (aka “real”) version of the stuff that gets watered down for TV show themes and action movies with kick-ass chicks. Elektra, Cat Woman, Tru Calling, and probably other TV shows, like Alias, I dunno, cuz I hate network TV and the insidious commercials trying sell me gum or car insurance by showing smiling, pretty people on bike paths and sail boats and other generic “happy lifestyles” that are someone’s idea of the American Dream that we’re all supposed to strive for, consuming lots of products along the way. Ahem.

Leaves’ Eyes kinda drones on after a while, but that’s Gothic metal for ya. Sexy vocals that make you yearn, or at least wanna run your fingers through the singer’s hair, and the layered harmonies are huge, like angels with great legs cheering you on, making you wanna be your best. The male grunting kills it for me and a lot of others, but again, that’s Gothic metal for ya. Beautiful, sweeping, and inspirational.