Tsar – Band-Girls-Money – Review


Band-Girls-Money (TVT)
By Scott Hefflon

Tsar is the kinda post-glam rock goodness that ya love to hate and ya hate to love. They have go-go girls, they sing about gettin’ drunk and gettin’ laid and likin’ porn, and they calculate their rebellion perfectly. Just the right amount of sneer, just the right amount of bad boy smirking, perfectly-applied eyeliner, perfectly-tousseled hair, and shabby clothing. TVT released a band like this before, The Unband, I think it was. They rocked, they snorted their advance and had a great time, and then they fell off the face of the planet and someone sobered up long enough to write a book about it, which is more than I’ve ever done. Tsar like Cheap Trick, Dead Boys, Johnny Thunders, teenage girls, and swaggering drunk on stage. Rock’n’roll, in other words. And Band-Girls-Money is polished to a spit-shine, just like Mötley Crüe records were in the late ’80s. There are a couple ballads/anthems for the chicks at the end, too. So put a checkmark next to that as well. Has all the personality of a Pringle, but sometimes the predictable taste of a Pringle hits the spot.