Enforsaken – Sinner’s Intuition – Review


Sinner’s Intuition (Crash Music)
by Scott Hefflon

I remember these guys. They used to be on Olympic Recordings before it folded into Century Media (at least the best of the bands made the cut). Enforsaken are now on Crash Music, which oughtta tell ya something. They’re solid Swedish-style thrash, not death with cookie monster vocals, so while not especially exceptional, at least they don’t make you laugh all the way to the trash barrel (cuz you can’t even sell mediocre metal, cuz there’s such a glut of it). If you find this in the cut-out bin (or want my copy), it’s worth a buck or two, just cuz it stutters, shreds, and roars, albeit without the personality required to leave much impression when the CD stops spinning. They’ve opened for Shadows Fall, Lamb of God, SYL, Vader, and all the usual suspects. And they’ll continue to, cuz the bar is set so high in this genre.