Mind Ripper II – Review

va-mindripper200Mind Ripper II

(Van Richter)
by DJ Carrion

Mind Ripper II rips nothing but the classics from the vaults of Van Richter Records, with a few unreleased tracks and remixes added as bonuses. Opening with “Beautiful Nightmare: The Number One” by The Fair Sex, then onto Girls Under Glass‘s interpretation of the classic Halloween theme turned into a dance floor killer. Testify also show signs of life after a long hiatus with “Quest of Nothing,” which is given remix treatment by the recently dusted off Die Warzau. While I’m familiar with most bands on the compilation, I personally discovered Death and Horror Inc., who capture the glory days of Fifth Column Records, which housed classic bands like Chemlab and C-Tec.

In the middle of the compilation, Sielwolf delivers “Korrosion,” a hard beat-driven instrumental with grinding guitars that moves in a machine-like sequence to the rhythms that are blanketed by sampled screams from all walks of life. They close out this agro-driven compilation with the droning “Nautilus #1.”

Mind Ripper II captures the best tracks and a sampling of about six different artists contributing two tracks each to fill this 12 track compilation.