PIG – Pigmata – Review


Pigmata (Metropolis)
by DJ Carrion

The season of the swining has begun! Raymond Watts of KMFDM glory creates another industrial rock-laden opus, which spits raw energy from the get-go. Originally, this album was done under the name Watts instead of the PIG moniker. The classic album quickly went out-of-print when its label went under, and just as quickly got picked up by Metropolis and was repackaged as the latest Pig release, Pigmata.

On Pigmata, Raymond gets help from Marc Heal, better known as the mastermind of Cubanate. With him added to the mix, you expect only the finest in aggro industrial. Compared to previous PIG releases, this offers a no bullshit approach to producing a full-on rock album, filled with chorus hooks, heavy guitar (courtesy of KMFDM’s Joolz Hodgson and Steve White), and concrete songwriting.

One talent of Raymond Watts is his wordplay, seen in titles such as “Filth Healer” and “On the Slaughterfront.” “Situation” proves to be a stand-out track, just from sounding like vintage PIG clashing with KMFDM, which adds fuel to the piece. There’s an interesting story behind “Junky”: It was originally produced by Raymond Watts on Haloblack’s Throb, but re-appears here. At first, it mimics the original, until Raymond let’s his signature voice slither over the music for close to three minutes, and then it breaks away into a heavier, thrashing piece than the original.