Phil Lomac – Review

phillomac200Phil Lomac

(Shut Eye)
by Scott Hefflon

Indie pop is a difficult style to stand out in. Tons of decent bands writing decent songs, a bunch of random standout songs, a shitload of failed attempts at connecting with the listener. Phil Lomac is at his best when he doesn’t try very hard, he just let’s his soothing voice win you over, the simple melodies lapping at you like gentle waves. “No Connection” and “Tallest Hill” stand out for me, kinda like simple but delicious John Lennon tunes. No howling, no statement-making, just a breezy song that makes you say “I like this song,” even if you can’t pinpoint a profound lyric or complicated guitar riff that did the trick. Not to say Phil is lazy, but his best songs don’t sound hard to write or play, so perhaps writing “impressive” music is overrated, ya know?