Further Seems Forever – Hide Nothing – Interview

furtherseemsforever200Further Seems Forever

Hide Nothing (Tooth & Nail)
An interview with singer Jon Bunch
By Gary Strack

How did you hook up with Further Seems Forever?
We share the same road management. The Further guys used to come to all the Sense Field shows back in the day, including [Chris] Carrabba, when he was in the band. They lost their singer, and they knew Sense Field had disbanded, so they called and said “Hey, would you be interested in singing on this new record?” They had all the music recorded and ready to go, just no vocals and no lyrics. I told them to send it on over. I demoed a couple of songs and sent it back. They liked it, so I ended up flying out and recording the vocals for their new record.

You’re from California, right?
Yeah, I’m from Los Angeles.

Did you move when you joined the band?
Nah. It doesn’t matter where you live if you’re touring, because you’re not gonna be home anyway. I fly out and rehearse with them for awhile, and then we go on tour.

furtherseemsforeverphotoWere you excited to be in a band again?
Yeah. When Sense Field broke up, it was the first time I wasn’t in a band since I was thirteen. It was a rude awakening. All of a sudden, I’m band-less. So it was nice to be called. I’m not in a position anymore to just join anything. If I was gonna join a band, it had to be something worth doing.

I didn’t want to spend a few years starting a new band, considering my age. They needed a singer. I needed a band. Sense Field toured with Dashboard Confessional, and I got to know those guys well.

What was the reason Sense Field broke up?
It was time. We’d been together for thirteen years. It’d run its course. There was no reason to continue after we’d done as much as we could as a band. It’s not something we wanted to do, it was just time. It was a total mutual thing.

Are you guys still friends?
Yeah. The last European tour, we knew we were breaking up. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun to do those last few shows. It was sad at the same time, but it was just time for us to stop.

How come Sense Field played a farewell tour in Japan?
We didn’t, really. We’d broken up, but this tour was booked before that. We’d wanted to go to Japan our whole career, and this was the opportunities to go.

The Japanese kids love music, and they love to rock. They appreciate that you’re flying halfway around the world to play for them. In America, there are so many bands, you tend to get jaded crowds, especially in the big cities. Further played Idaho State University, out in the middle of nowhere, and the kids were so thankful we came out, because no one ever goes out there.