Against Me! – Searching for a Former Clarity – Review

againstme200Against Me!

Searching for a Former Clarity (Fat)
by Stevo

You know what I hate about this Against Me? That every review or conversation about them is predicated with some comment about “selling out.” I am so sick of both sides justifying why these guys are devils or how they’re still saints. Saints with dirty halos, but saints nonetheless. That’s about it, though.

Searching for a Former Clarity dwarfs their last full-length, As the Eternal Cowboy, and as someone who’s watched this band grow from their first 7″, I’d say it gives Reinventing Axl Rose a run for its money. It’s more cohesive and mature than either of those records. It’s the recorded story of a band that’s been around the block a few times and seen a lot of their early fans and some of their friends turn on them for decisions they’ve made. It’s the story of adults dealing with being judged for what they did as youths, and moving on. And it’s amazing. Forget the shit talk, forget the videos, forget any pre-conceived notion you have about this band, ditch your collective for an hour or so and listen to this record. It’ll be our little secret how good it is.