Doomed Nation – Issue Two – Review

dvd-doomednation200Doomed Nation

Issue Two (Doomed Nation)
by Mike Delano

Horror movies are like cocaine. They’re addictive. First, it’s just the classics like Re-Animator and Dead Alive, but soon enough, you’ve seen the entirety of the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series. You can’t stop. The selections for consecutive weekends start getting more cut-rate: The Nail Gun Massacre, Blood Frenzy. By the end, you’re a mess. Anything will do, even straight-to-video fare like The Gingerdead Man.

But even for the most depraved horror junkies, there’s a limit. You don’t touch the hard stuff. That’s the real-life gore found in the Faces of Death series and the like. Video footage of suicides, industrial accidents, torture; that kind of stuff. Stripped of all the communal fun of horror movies, with no bad acting to mock or naked girls to ogle, these compilations are just straight-to-the-vein fixes for gore fetishists.

There’s no better way to clear a room or end a party than to bust out some of those tapes, which is pretty much what Issue Two of the Doomed Nation DVD video zine is. If you’re up for animal torture, human carnage, and dozens of horror movie death clips sandwiched between stoner/doom/unintelligible metal videos, you’re in luck. But if it’s trippy visuals you want, surely there’s a Kenneth Anger film you haven’t seen, and for fans of the bands on display like Rabies Caste and Sunn 0))), the material here is several years old, so there’s little to recommend this.