Guiness World Records 2010 -Gamer’s Edition -Review

bk-gwr2010-gamers200Guiness World Records 2010: Gamer’s Edition

(Guiness World Records Limited)
By Mike Delano

Gamers crave lists. Top 10 of the Year, Top 10 of the Year So Far, Top 10 of the Decade – any disparate information organized into a neat list will do. Same for factoids; there are simply too many of them flying around in the ether and Guiness’ gaming-branded version of its world records book for 2010 acts as a fine net for catching them. Wisely avoiding being simply a rundown of high scores and obscure arcade accomplishments, the creators divide up gaming tidbits into logical categories (party games, 3D platformers, strategy RPGs) and bundle together facts (best-selling, first-in-genre, most critically acclaimed) in bright, inviting layouts. The authors know what they’re talking about, too: The “Ten Games You Should Play in this Genre” lists in each section are mostly spot-on, even if there are a few bizarre inclusions. The only downside is that the front of the book is a little thick with some bland, overly broad “best-of 2009” stuff that will be quickly dated, but otherwise, it’s a worthwhile tool for keeping up with the endless fact harvest.