All Shall Perish – The Price of Existence – Review

allshallperish200All Shall Perish

The Price of Existence (Nuclear Blast)
by Eric Chon

I would’ve expected a kick-ass thrash album when I heard these kids were from Oakland, home of seminal acts Exodus and Testament. Imagine my surprise when blistering mix of death and metalcore sandblasted my ears. This is some intense shit! Guitarists Chris Storey and Ben Orum are equally adept at discordant and jagged riffs as melodic harmonies, giving them a distinct and agile sound. Drummer Matt Kuykendall and bassist Mike Tiner provide the crushing backbone to this aural assault, while vocalist Hernan Hermida growls and screams like a man possessed.

The Price of Existence‘s blend of technical death, metalcore breakdowns, and grind speed is rather refreshing in a time when many bands seem content churning out the same old shit. A worthy sophomore effort.