Pompeii – Assembly – Review

September 29, 2006

Dean Stafford has a high tenor voice that drips with emotion. The haunting sound of Caitlin Bailey’s cello also adds a lot of atmosphere and texture.

The Gathering – Home – Review

September 29, 2006

Anneke’s voice soars above the tinkerings, pulses, and throbs, always sounding vaguely Irish to these ears. The catch in her throat will put a lump in yours.

The Peasants – Love Your Enemy – Review

September 29, 2006

Part noisy college rock (when “alternative rock” was still ROCK), part punky rock, gonzo solos, and “I need a goddamn job!” hollers over Sex Pistols swagger.

Underground Station – Column

September 29, 2006

Word has it that the great underground artist John Jackson, aka Jaxon, has died at his own hand by a gunshot. We have lost an enormous talent.

Hulda – Forest of the Night – Review

September 22, 2006

Early ’80s-ish rock nestling itself between The Cranberries and Joan Jett, slightly burned-out chick-fronted grind with less hope in their lyrics than heart.

Dog Fashion Disco – Adultery – Review

September 22, 2006

DFD dances naked in the back of your mind while jackhammering your defenses with coy melodies, Mike Patton theatrics, jazz sax, and death metal fist-fucking.

Buffalo Killers – Review

September 12, 2006

Member of Thee Shams kick out soulful, laid-back and thoughtful tales. Bit of drug stagger, sorrowful pleas, slide guitar, and harmonies Neil Young’d nod to.

Andrew W.K. – Who Knows? – Review

September 9, 2006

This is this man’s deepest and most sincere expression of himself. It just so happens that he’s also able to write arena rock songs that cannot be refused.

Automatic Arms – Review

September 8, 2006

If you’ve zoned out to Cowboy Junkies or Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb,” you’ll find solace in the flow of this solemn, depressive, and well-assembled dish.

Amorphis – Eclipse – Review

September 8, 2006

Roaring mightily one minute, soaring the cosmos the next, and then skipping around the fire, a Vintersorgian singer emoting his Viking heart out.

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