Sinergy – To Hell and Back – Review


To Hell and Back (Nuclear Blast)
by Scott Hefflon

I kinda bagged Sinergy on their debut, comparing them to the band in Wayne’s World, but To Hell and Back has more balls – so to speak – so I’ll bag on them less. Children of Bodom’s Alexi “Wildchild” Laiho still rips shit up on his geetar, and Kimberly Goss seems to be belting it out more believably, but there’s still something that smacks of, ya know, Vixen or Warlock or something. While there’s plenty of company in the second-rate metal bin, I’d be hard-pressed to say “Geez! Rush out and buy Sinergy’s record cuz they rule, dude!”

Maybe if you like classic heavy metal’s anthemic clichés with “snarling bitch” vocals offset by layered harmonies and over-produced double-bass thunder (think neutered Helloween), this’d be “metal heaven,” but even with Alexi soloing like a motherfucker, he’s otherwise stuck playing some really generic riffs.

Simply put, I can’t write melodic heavy metal without it sounding like throw-away riffs from one of the many greats, so I don’t. Sinergy can play like crazy (no doubt there), but they really oughtta commission someone to write their songs or be a cover band. But hey, they’re getting better with every record I sell after listening to it once!
(PO Box 43618 Philadelphia, PA 19106)