Silent Majority – You Would Love to Know – Review

Silent Majority

You Would Love to Know (Initial)
by Tim Den

Silent Majority is top notch. With an underrated but flawless track record, You Would Love to Know will hopefully finally reveal one helluva hybrid band to the world. Hailing from Long Island, this quintet has been ripping it up by combining Lifetime bass lines, Braid guitar licks, nasty mosh grooves, and fundamental punk momentum atop complex melodies since ’93/’94. Why more people haven’t heard of them is beyond me. They bring everything that’s amazing about post-hardcore under one roof: sensitive/emotional melodies, Hot Water Music-ish breakdowns, clear-voiced screams, twin guitar arpeggios… everything. What a combo. Everyone should own this. This band deserves to be huge.
(PO Box 17131 Louisville, KY 40217)