Hypnotic Kick – Trapped in a Music Box – Review

Hypnotic Kick

Trapped in a Music Box (Sike)
by Tim Den

You know, this band is getting a good review from me based solely on one fact: They’re the first band in some time from Western MA that doesn’t utterly copy Korn. But seriously, you ask, How can a suburban metal band not copy Korn? Well, in Hypnotic Kick‘s case, you do it by having five years of work behind you, then you add on an impressive list of gigs with the likes of Helmet and Handsome, a few releases, and a steady string of gigs, and you’ve got the blueprint for a nice shape-shifting “new metal” band. Trapped in a Music Box is a combination of Stompbox guitars, Deftones vocals, and a subtle touch of emo-ness that comes out original enough to be set apart from every other pierce-heavy, dreadlocked-gangsta pimp. I also have to give respect to them for blending Spanish into their identity. Maybe it’s simply because it holds a special place in my background, but hearing/seeing Castellano just adds so much more soul to the whole thing.
(553 Cooley St. Springfield, MA 01128)