Bible of the Devil – Brutality, Majesty, Eternity – Review

bibleofthedevil200Bible of the Devil

Brutality, Majesty, Eternity (Scarey)
by Ari Joffe

Bible of the Devil is currently one of my hometown Chicago’s best exports. They play a sleazy, duel lead guitar spitting, Motörhead-worshipping, slightly goofy brand of heavy metal that folks around here who grew up in the ’80s can’t get enough of. It’s loud, brash, cocky, and not always in good taste. Exhibit A: “Sea Of Rape” (which actually has two parts; “Crimson Dawn” and “Fool’s Dance”). Yeah, it’s over the top and bound to offend somebody, but that’s what keeps rock’n’roll evil. These fellas, like many of the metal/hard rock bands here in Chicago, embrace and understand that concept of cranking out full-on dirty jams, ONLY. Nothing pretentious or too artsy fartsy here. Brutality, Majesty, Eternity is amps on 10, riff ’til your fingers bleed stuff, from front to back. And they play Gibson Flying V guitars. Too fuckin’ cool, dude.