The Dark Psyche – Review

December 8, 2006

I like Hellhammer and Venom more than Cradle of Filth, and a good number of bands on this comp play that cool, old school, broken down, punk-influenced style.

Rock’n’Roll Blvd Volume 1 – Review

December 1, 2006

Very cool two-disc comp of up and coming biker, swagger, and stoner rock bands, all of whom are sure to please if you’re a fan of whiskey, weed, and women.

Yyrkoon – Unhealthy Opera – Review

November 3, 2006

Ultra heavy extreme metal that grabs from a bag of styles including death, thrash, and black metal. They’re French, and they have a thing for H.P. Lovecraft.

Kampfar – Kvass – Review

November 3, 2006

Nordic metal roots with a heavy dose of hard rockin’ sludge, comparable to Entombed. A hip-shaking swagger balances the dark melodies and screeched vocals.

The Quill – In Triumph – Review

October 20, 2006

Hard rock that wouldn’t’ve sounded out of place in the early ’90s, alongside bands like Soundgarden, The Obsessed, Mother Love Bone, and Alice In Chains.

Witch – Review

May 5, 2006

Witch is an absolutely KILLER new band featuring Dinosaur Jr. head-honcho J Mascis, with Dave Sweetapple, Kyle Thomas, and Asa Irons.

Dirtbags: Armpits of Metal – Review

April 28, 2006

New Jersey metalhead Bill Zebub and his gang of homophobic, sexist, racist, drug addled, alcoholic buddies scam on chicks and brew homemade date rape drugs in this tediously slow, unfunny, Z-level turd.

The Crucifier – Review

April 28, 2006

Z-movie king Bill Zebub plops out another no budget shock flick, this one centering around an LSD party gone wrong.

Kill The Scream Queen – Review

April 28, 2006

Bill Zebub’s limp attempt to make a sadistic shocker film like I Spit On Your Grave (which sucked) or Last House On The Left (had some artistic merit).

Negator – Old Black – Review

October 28, 2005

Grinding blast beats, melodic guitar riffs, screeching vocals, and tons of Gothic flare. The title says it all: Tried and true, no bullshit added black metal.

Paragon – Revenge – Review

October 28, 2005

Bad take-off on the classic Judas Priest/Iron Maiden sound, which I was never that fond of. Souring vocals, boring, one-note bass galloping, and shitty songs.

Astarte – Sirens – Review

October 21, 2005

Thanks for showing me that women can play and write crappy, go nowhere, repetitive, uninteresting, unoriginal, faux black metal garbage as well as any man.

Overkill – Relix IV – Review

September 30, 2005

A killer thrash metal record: Well-written, precisely-executed, with a down and dirty, raw production style. These New Jersey veterans sound hungry.

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