The Dark Psyche – Review

va-thedarkpsyche200The Dark Psyche

(The End)
by Ari Joffe

Black metal. Sometimes it spooks me out a bit, I gotta admit. Like, what’s with all the make-up? Grown goddamn men, from fuckin’ Norway or wherever, wearing make-up and getting ALL serious about witchcraft and stuff? And I’ve heard more than one of these assholes talk about needing to rid their culture of Christianity because of its “Zionist roots.” But I suppose I shouldn’t “paint with a broad brush,” or whatever.

Regardless, I still dig some of the music. I personally like it when they sound more like Hellhammer and Venom than Cradle of Filth, and a good number of the bands on this black metal compilation play that cool, old school, broken down, punk-influenced style. Absu rocks out a grungey one called “Mythological Occult Metal,” and Enslaved channel a little Entombed to groove out “Below The Lights.” All in all, this is one solid compilation, light on the progressive stuff, heavy on the untamed raw shit. Tracks also provided by: Dissection, Agalloch, Unexpect, Arcturus, Satyricon, Melechesh, Immortal, Impaled Nazerene, Darthrone, Epoch of Unlight, Nokturnal Mortum, Sigh, and Rotting Christ.