Rock’n’Roll Blvd Volume 1 – Review

va-rocknrolblvd200Rock’n’Roll Blvd Volume 1

by Ari Joffe

Very cool hard-rocking two-disc compilation featuring up and coming biker, swagger, and stoner rock bands, all of whom are sure to please if you’re a fan of whiskey, weed, and women. It’s great to have all these heavy, like-minded bands on one release because you can pretty much take it from here if anything strikes your ear as particularly crucial. I, for one, am gonna jump online and try to hear a bit more from a number of these bands, particularly We’re All Gonna Die, Pilotos, and Speedway King. Other bands on the comp include: Gonzales, Generous Maria, Sparzana, Desert Sun, Blind Dog, Sir Hedgehog, Honcho, Monkey3, Peter Pan Speedrock, Mr. Mama, Alix, Space Probe Taurus, Mezzanine, Allhelluja, The Quill, Speedfreaks, StoneWall Noise Orchestra, Hulk, Rite, Diegrinder, Bible Of The Devil, Carlos, Electric Earth, Cabron, Throttlerod, Rickshaw, Dirtyblood, El Guapo Stuntteam, Starchild, Kayser, Cube, The Last Van Zant.