Saosin – Review


by Clint Goulden

It’s remarkably telling when your band has given up on the correct pronunciation of their name before their first proper album has even been released. It begs the question, what else has Saosin (Say-Ocean) given up on?

Tormented by strife in their short existence, the post-hardcore outfit is currently making due with singer number two, and a sequel bassist as well. Their bass player left to play in Ashlee Simpson’s backup band. Their first full-length, Saosin, is similar to much of the post-hardcore drivel churned out these days, but there might be something to harness in Cove Reber’s singing, which might lead the band to lay their faith bare that everything happens for a reason.

None of these songs are good enough for the radio, but it’s easy to like all of them equally, which itself is reason enough to toss a red flag. “You’re Not Alone” and the cleverly-titled “Some Sense of Security” do exactly that on the safe, predictable set. Saosin is a little flaccid compared to its peers, but could that be a recipe for success? It’s briefly worked for Story Of The Year after they graduated from Blue Monkeys, but then again, what was the last thing you heard from Story Of The Year?

The problem, or solution, depending on which side of the marketing scope you’re on, is that these poor dudes are like, totally marketable. Which only means there’s currently a buyer for what they have to sell. Packaged, listenable, relatable, and easily understood. Unfortunately, I’d rather be confused so I have to keep listening, but Saosin is, like, totally easy to figure out. Even if it’s hard to pronounce.