NOFX – Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing – Review


Wolves In Wolves’ Clothing (Fat)
by Stevo

Little secret about myself: I’ve never been a big NOFX fan. Not their fault. During my high school years with my mohawk and Dead Kennedys shirt in that little hick mountain town, there were three stickers on the back of a 4 X 4 that were guaranteed to get you a “fuck you, faggot” and maybe a punch in the face. Social Distortion, Misfits, and NOFX. Those three bands were jock favorites where I come from. I really wish I was exaggerating. It took almost ten years before I got over that bullshit and started to listen to the Misfits, more recently Social Distortion, and now, more and more, NOFX. Par for my course, I’m coming around to these guys as a lot of their older fans are leaving. Old NOFX has gotten a little too serious for the bro’s to hang with. Friends, this is a good time to get into NOFX. You’re 25% less likely to get punched in the face by a dude in khaki shorts at one of their shows, and you’re 80% more likely to think a little while listening to their lyrics. I mean, they’re still funny cats, but they’ve really tapped into the spirit of ’80s punk which spawned them. It’s catchy, it’s aggressive, it hates the president with good reason, and every now and again, it’ll take you to Anarchy Burger, and later Okie Dog if you don’t cry when they take you to the Asian Dominatrix place. Oh, and you can still skate to it. The Bush administration may’ve cost tens of thousands of lives, but the silver lining is that it’s made punk interesting again. So, uh, thanks George, I guess.