Twelve Tribes – Midwest Pandemic – Review

twelvetribes200Twelve Tribes

Midwest Pandemic (Ferret)
by Scott Hefflon

While not my favorite Ferret band, these Dayton demolishers win me over with the how rather than the what. Without a scene to emulate, they created a style simply because it pleased them. So if there’s prog twiddle mixed in with the single-note howl and “I like this riff, I’m going to groove on it for the rest of the song,” so be it. Being a guitarist, the verses grow really tiresome, but they’re broken up on occasion with interludes, with both clean singing and yet more yowling. I like the guitar drone/wash of “Monarch of Dreams.” But otherwise, it’s pretty samey. Download a track (ahem, doesn’t really matter which one) and put it in rotation on yer iPod. I’ll bet they rule if experienced that way.