Scrapbook Max – Review

stuff-scrapbook200Scrapbook Max!

(Indigo Rose for PC)
by Mike Delano

You might be under the crazy impression that scrapbooks are musty, memory-filled physical objects to be enjoyed now and decades from now, when your grandkids hop up on your lap for visions of the days when dad had hair and mom didn’t shake involuntarily.

Not if the makers of Scrapbook Max! have anything to say about it. Their new software allows you to bring your photo collection and its accompanying doilies into cyberspace. The list of customizable aspects in your digital scrapbook is satisfyingly long, and on top of the basic photo and design options (all accessible through a smooth interface) are a bunch of cool add-ons like audio and video that, last time I checked, aren’t available through the glue stick-stained scrapbooks of days gone by.

Sure, the grandkids might not have as much fun searching through a box of memory sticks as they would have actual scrapbooks in your attic after you die, but at least now, thanks to the wonders of technology, your home sex videos can now proudly exist alongside butterfly clipart and photos from Christmas morning.