Profundi – The Omega Rising – Review


The Omega Rising (Profound Lore)
by Hansel Merchor

Helmed by former Naglfar vocalist Jens Ryden, Profundi is by definition his own gig. And the man pulls it off solo, blasting away melodic black metal with all the well-performed typical traits of the genre. The guitars are set at hyper speed, slaying with such mind-numbing velocity their sound, occasionally gets buried amidst so much bloated instrumentality. Ryden’s riffs are melodic and basic, and the idea of soloing is usually relegated to short snippets or their absolute absence. “Split-Toungued” contains interspersed drums, but the music reaches a point where it almost becomes static or white noise. It is indeed all the more exhilarating because of it. Speed is of the essence, and is always charged with diabolic emblems. The atmosphere comes in the form of ambient noise, but you’ll have to pay close attention to get it. At a respectful distance, you can get the full picture, but it takes proximity to discern it. The solidity of The Omega Rising is awe-inspiring, especially when you consider that it all comes from one man. However, there comes a point where the music of Profundi seems so loaded with music and absurd power and blinding speed, the plastic compact disc can barely contain it.