Gaza – I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die – Review


I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die (Metal Blade)
By Hansel Merchor

Going for an extreme vocal approach is nothing new, but getting to this level is not only totally ridiculous, it’s worthy of admiration. Through 10 brooding songs, Gaza‘s vocalist goes ballistic, and with a totally raw and raspy angle, covers all bases and protects the band behind him. Particularly appealing and appalling is the music, which in the totally depressing “Hospital Fat Bags,” is slowed enough to punch a whole in your cortex and depress you for a week. Plus, the blanket of noise that’s laid underneath the instrumentality offers one more shade of simple fuckery. Some people might want to tag this as grind, but the speed is quite lethargic. Except for moments when the band gets kind of jumpy, which is every 10 seconds in “Gristle,” this beats you in slow motion. By the sixth track, “Slutmaker,” these Salt Lake City depressors kind of wake up from hibernation and add some speed along with some groove-laden riffs. It’s still totally atonal and distorted and loaded with feedback and only lasts a couple of minutes, but amidst so much weirdness, it’s sort of their coming out of the grind closet theme. As super extreme music goes, this record is totally worthy.