The Bigs – Review

g-thebigs200The Bigs

(2K for Xbox 360)
By Mike Delano

How do you make baseball more exciting? Make it more like football.

For gamers who venture into the sports game world only for occasional multiplayer rounds of Madden or old-school bouts in the much-missed NFL 2K series, sitting though a game, let alone contemplating a one-player season, in one of the baseball sims is as inconceivable as two Mannings ever having as many Super Bowl rings as one Brady. Solution? Accessible, fast-paced, arcade-style hitting, pitching, and fielding. Brawls at home plate. An entertaining create-a-rookie mode, and an endlessly addictive homerun/destruction derby in Times Square. Baseball has never been this much fun on a console.

For game fans who might want to give a baseball game a chance but could live without the lethargic pacing of a sim or, er, the actual sport of baseball, The Bigs isn’t just a good choice, it should be your only choice.