Broken Teeth – Electric – Review

brokenteeth200Broken Teeth

Electric (Tex-Tone)
By Martin Popoff

Jason McMaster is, of course, best known for his rip roarin’ Dangerous Toys franchise, but Broken Teeth have near surpassed that band’s reputation given a bulging catalogue of boozy brawlin’ AC/DC-meets-Krokus metal for the Mescalero masses. Electric offers more of the same, with tight, taut production values that seem ready to snap these astringent Angel City riffs in two. And there’s McMaster scrawlin’ and crawlin’ o’ertop of these superlative party rock anthems, poking his way through charged but midrangy and uneasy guitar licks that would make American Dog’s Steve Theado proud. Brian Johnson, Jack Russell, and Tom Kiefer might be touchstones for understanding McMaster’s cat scratch roar, but he delivers like Bach on empty-bellied beers. And then these songs… Man, “She’s Gonna Blow’ is like the best, fast Angus rocker they never had, and then “Hangin’ By The Skin” is more of a Flick of The Switch marauder, crossed with the interesting spare textures of the last (lost) two AC/DC spins. Hot clockin’ band, full up with ideas, twin trades, pregnant pauses, and deep hooks come holler-along time.