Gravity Propulsion System – Days Like Razors – Review

gravitypropulsionsystem200Gravity Propulsion System

Days Like Razors (Ascetic)
by Scott Hefflon

They quote Lollipop‘s Craig Regala in the bio, as they should, cuz he nailed it. This is his kinda racket, so I’ll defer to him, and then swipe a good line from the bio (cuz, for a change, a band bio is right on): “GPS seethe, spit, squeal, and jam, declaring blitzkrieg with an arsenal of feedback, profoundly enraged vocals, and tones inventively distorted into oblivion.” Sometimes tightly-wound and abrasive, sometimes loose and breathing and itchy, this band is never dull. If you can finger-snap to a coked-up joyride at breakneck speeds through busy city streets as your friend ass-rapes a screeching baboon in the front seat and your other friend digs for treasure deep in a drawer of silverware as another pounds the back of your seat to a frantic beat only he can hear, well, you’ll find GPS catchy. If not, hone in on, like, “Floater,” which stumbles the cosmic path Cop Shoot Cop/Firewater/Foetus blazed, with big-cock bass walk and stoner/distorto wail haunting, and Geezer Butler pounding the skins like the glory daze of Sabbath, man. Or, seriously, run for your life, pussy.