Synchro Nine Factor – Redeploy – Review

synchroninefactor200Synchro Nine Factor

By Scott Hefflon

Atlanta’s Georgia’s favorite Goth/industrial/metal sons (and brothers) return with their second album in a decade. With a couple songs on Invisible Records’ Notes From the Real Underground series and songs used by MTV and a fetish documentary distributed by Adam and Eve, Synchro Nine Factor are reaching for success, include a handfulla good elements – like KMFDM and Filter – but don’t push the limits enough to “go there.” Not anthemic enough to be Rammstein or Ministry, not sick enough to be Skinny Puppy, not throbbing enough to be one of the bands I can never specifically remember on Metropolis. My advice? While the bio sez they “embrace both ends of the spectrum, from driving and aggressive industrial metal to hypnotic atmospheric electronica,” they oughtta pick a path, commit to it, and open that bitch up full throttle and see where they get, and how fun the trip is getting there.