BM Linx – Black Entertainment – Review

bmlinx200BM Linx

Black Entertainment (Craze Factory)
by Scott Hefflon

The label’s domain name is for sale, for fuck’s sake. Which as good a place as any to start here. There are a lot of good things about this electronic-infused rock record, but many, many contrived ones. About 15 years ago, this might’ve flown, when Bush was steering their Nirvana-lite rock approach down Electric Avenue, but second-rate bands have skated this sleek surface for well over a decade, and most have been long forgotten by all but unlucky fucks like me with a 10,000+ review archive. That snarled, BM Linx (stupid name, and lame album title) let slip some truly likable melodies when not whooshing here and diddling on their keyboards there. And the acoustic moments? Yeah, they breathe nicely. As a songwriter, singer and guitarist, NYC’s Tony Diodore has some real chops, as the closing few songs show, but his fixation with electronic rock has him opening for, like, Filter or Fuel or whoever they were, about 10 years after anyone gives a shit.