Gwar – Bloody Pit of Horror – Review


Bloody Pit of Horror (Metal Blade)
By Mike Delano

Humongous piles of garbage always look like fun in the movies. They might as well be piles of autumn-scented leaves they look so welcoming on screen: Characters are always laughing in them, bonding in them, finding cool stuff in them – there’s only ever a perfunctory banana peel thrown in the mix as a reminder that it’s supposed to be someplace gross. Bloody Pit of Horror is kinda like those movie mounds. It’s the McDonald’s ball pit of metal, a gloriously fun and dirty pile of sounds with a solid undercurrent of good songwriting and metal knowledge beneath. The all-guns-blazing opener of “Zombies, March” rubs against the slow doom of “Come the Carnivor.” Both “Storm is Coming” and “Beat You to Death” are top-notch battle anthems, there’s peerless gonzo balladry on “You are my Meat” and speed freaks will get a workout on “A Gathering of Ghouls.” Forget the Purell, jump in.

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